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My name is Danar and lead author on this website. I am a Lean and Quality Management professional and have worked with these topics in a variety of organizations across different cultures. My desire is to spread ideas and advice on Lean, Six Sigma, Quality Management, strategy, leadership and innovation. The purpose is to spread awareness about how to achieve sustainable business results by working with Lean and Quality Management.

In 2017 I received my master’s degree in Quality and Operations Management at Chalmers University of Technology. With my education, personal interest and working experience I possess a broad technical, commercial, managerial capabilities and knowledge for managing the process of developing products and service.

My capabilities lies within:

  • Solid understanding of supply chain, procurement, manufacturing and logistics principles, and practices
  • Lean Six Sigma Black Belt:
    Analytical toolbox for Business Transformation by data-driven decisions and root cause analysis
  • Danar is advocate of the principles of putting the customer first, respect for every individual and continuous improvement.

There are a vast number of references in today’s digital era and the purpose with this blog is to collect the latest information available. It is also a place for students and professionals to get an introduction to the definitions and concepts in Lean and Quality Management. In this blog you will find useful links, books and articles related to Lean and Quality Management. We will cover the latest trends in several areas such as operations, supply chain, purchasing and marketing.

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